Interlibrary Loans - Marina









What is an Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan is the process of obtaining materials that Anne Arundel County Public Library (AACPL) does not own through a national lending collaborative, in addition to the statewide cooperative known as Marina.

What is Marina?

Marina is an online catalog of materials owned by all the public libraries in Maryland. Customers can search for and request many of these items themselves, or a Library staff member can assist. More information...

How to search Marina and request materials:

  1. Click on Access Marina.
  2. Type your library card number in the text box and press "enter" (do not use spaces between the numbers).
  3. The search screen you see is a simple search. There is also an advanced search option.
  4. Type your search terms and press "enter."
  5. From the results, select the desired title. Choose an item that does not show ANNE (the Marina abbreviation for AACPL) as a supplier.
  6. The detailed results will show if there are copies of the title available from a library in the Marina system.
  7. Select a pickup location and click "Request."
  8. Use the notes field to convey a specific deadline if applicable. If you  need the material in two weeks or less, speak with a staff member at a Library about your request.
  9. Sometimes an item will show as available in Marina, however none of the libraries in the Marina system are able to supply it. If you have provided your email address to AACPL, you will receive an email notification of this. Otherwise, check your Marina account, or ask an AACPL Information staff member for an update. To search nationwide for your item after receiving this notice, connect with AACPL Information staff in person or by phone, or place a new request by using the Email A Librarian service and select yes to the question, "I have previously submitted this request and was notified that it is unavailable in Marina."