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Severna Park Voice - by

In January 2019, Jen Hetherington took a full-time position at the Broadneck Library and inherited the Arnold Senior Center Book Club. The partnership between the library and the senior center had been paused during Hetherington’s transition, but she was eager to get the club started again.

“My goal now is to engage people and have people read books that they might not,” said Hetherington. “I want to get people out of their comfort zones.”

Capital Gazette - by

If the traffic on Route 50 is any indication, residents are traveling again. Whether you are driving “down the ocean” or traveling to the far reaches of Antarctica, the Anne Arundel County Public Library can help make your much anticipated vacation even more fun.

Pasadena Voice - by

Between 1865 and 1950, 4,000 Black Americans were victims of racial terror and violence in the form of racial lynchings. Of the approximated 40 victims of whom were Marylanders, five were from Anne Arundel County. On June 15 of this year, Connecting the Dots Anne Arundel County in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative hosted Remembrance and Reconciliation, an event devoted to the rededication of the historical marker of the lynchings that occurred in Anne Arundel County.